Top 5 free tools used by SEO

Optimizing the website in order to get it into top rankings in the search lists refers to the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to maintain the website and its content and keeps on changing and updating it to be in the top ranks. Engine optimization is all about helping the people increasing traffic on their website and to provide customers better user experience. People that have their own business or companies tend to hire an SEO consultant and experts that provide those ideas and knowledge on how to increase the number of visitors and gain profits.

It is important to get your keyword before writing the content as the keyword will help the customers to search your website and content; it is a basic thing of company google. You need to choose the mixture of broad and long keywords as it will increase the focus on content. Let us know some of the tools that SEO uses to achieve better results and helps in increasing traffic which is as follows:-

  1. Google Analytics
Website Optimisation

Google Analytics helps you to have handy data about websites which includes all the traffic source, number of websites, and the location descriptions. This is a great tool that has been used by a most digital marketer, and it also provides many other nifty tools that are helpful.

  • MozBar

This SEO works with other browsers and provide easy access to webpage and metrics. MozBar has one great feature that allows you to explore elements of other webpages like markup, page title, and many others. This tool has many advanced features too, like optimizing the page and keyword difficulty and many others.

  • SEMrush

This tool is helpful in researching the keyword and makes the task of finding the keyword easy. Other than this, it also provides you detailed information about the keywords the other competitors have been using and let you know about their rank. 

  • Keyworddit

This tool is helpful as it provides the ideas for the keyword and let you know the list where the keywords have been used. This tool is easy to use and install and provide you a great number of keywords.

  • Mobile friendly test tool

This tool helps you to know how mobile-friendly a site is and also help you to check whether your website has been accurately optimized for the devices you want to use or not. It is easiest as you need to type the site’s URL and the mobile-friendly tool will inform you whether the site is mobile-friendly or not. Other than this, It also offers you many suggestions on how your website can be mobile-friendly.

  • Ubersuggest

This tool grazes date from the keyword planner and provides you the ideas of keywords. This is a handy tool that returns the date for each keyword and filters out all the keywords that you are not interested in.

Optimization Guide

The above-mentioned are some tools that SEO uses in order to have the best results by investing minimally, and these are helpful too.

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